Here’s why these ‘Shark Tank’- famous earplugs are great for concerts, but I use them to drown out the city at night

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Some cities are louder than others. When it gets to be too much, these Vibes High Fidelity Earplugs come in clutch. A lot of loud functions are set to come back, and with all the peace and quiet you’ve had, this is a great way to ease back into the noise. Vibes Earplugs aren’t the standard earplugs you go to bed with. You can still hear everything around you, but it tones down the decibels. In fact, the brand specifically made them in an attempt to reduce your chances of Tinnitus Hearing Damage.

With these earplugs, the world around you doesn’t sound fuzzy or muffled like foam, but you’ve lowered the volume on life with the same sound quality that your ears are used to. The Vibes earplugs actually help reduce sound by 22dB without losing quality. You can attend concerts without the bass ruining the performance. Motorcyclists can ride knowing their ears are protected, and they can still hear what’s necessary to ride safely. In return, automobiles and loud music that you might experience from your neighbors in a big city are significantly less annoying when you plug these in at night.

Vibes High Fidelity Earplugs, $23.98 

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Review Of Vibes Earplugs

In my neighborhood in The Bronx, there are loud motorcycles and cars on my block nonstop. The brand sent me a pair to try out for myself, and these are way different from the foam ones I’m used to. Honestly, they’re everything I didn’t know I needed to get some sleep. They block out enough of the background noise, so I can actually hear my television. I also like that I had another three sizes of earplug covers because I didn’t realize how big my ears were. They’re super easy to clean. Plus, when my TV isn’t loud enough for someone else, I pop these in and happily turn up the volume.

.Credit: Amazon

Another 7,000 customers, though, agree that they’re amazing. One shopper explained that these earplugs are super comfortable, and you can hear clearly despite the lower volume around you.

“I struggle with PTSD and am hypersensitive to sound, making everyday outings, such as going to the grocery store, a challenge,” one shopper wrote in a review. “Some [earplugs] block out too much noise, others not enough, and most are only comfortable to wear for an hour or less. These are hands down the best earplugs I have ever purchased. They are discreet (not hot pink), easy to insert and remove, easy to clean, and most important, they are comfortable.”

Concerts, festivals and loud gatherings are about to come back, and these are sure to help those with sensitive hearing. But in the meantime, enjoy using them to drown out noisy neighbors.

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