Videographer goes face-to-face with crocodiles: ‘They could attack at any moment’

Professional shark diver and underwater videographer Bartolomeo Bove recorded a close encounter with a crocodile.

While diving in Banco Chinchorro, Mexico, which is home to a population of 500 American crocodiles, Bove got his camera right up to one’s mouth. The footage of the experience is jaw-dropping (pun intended).

Bove lays down on the ground as a crocodile walks right up to his camera lens. When the video switches to the camera’s perspective, we see the crocodile tap the lens with its massive teeth. Bove is unafraid to swim up to the massive predator as it slowly crawls underwater.

“For those who are wondering why they don’t attack me and instead they let me approach them undisturbed and even touch them, the answer is simply that they could attack at any moment if they had the opportunity,” Bove told Newsflare.

So you definitely should not try this at home.

“In general, they perceive a human adult as ‘too big’ and therefore a less convenient prey compared to the ones that they usually feed on which are significantly smaller in size,” Bove said.

He did explain that given the opportunity a crocodile will attack a human. However, Bove said the safest way to approach a crocodile is directly in front of them because they have limited vision.

“Straight in front of them,” Bove said. “Because usually when they strike, they snap to the side, they do not lunge forward with a bite.”

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