Videos that will give you outdoor cooking inspo

Outdoor cooking season is upon us! If you’ve never cooked outside, it’s a great way to embrace the simplicity of food while enjoying the great outdoors. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor chef, or you’re simply looking to practice your newly acquired cooking skills in the woods, these videos should inspire you to head outside and start cooking up some magic, nature style

This delicious, satisfying outdoor gnocchi

One of the many gems posted by outdoor cooking legends @menwiththepot, this clip shows you how to make fresh pasta using nothing but a pot, a fire, a sharp knife, and some fresh ingredients. With over 6 million followers on TikTok, and over 600k on Instagram, @menwiththepot has risen to culinary stardom with their satisfying, ASMR-esque approach to simple cooking. 

This colorful vegetable omelette

Have you ever seen such vibrant vegetables?! This recipe video is the work of Country Life Vlog (@country_lfe_vlog), a family of farmers who cook food in the beautiful countryside of Azerbaijan. Country Life Vlog has over 750,000 subscribers on YouTube, and their TikTok videos regularly get hundreds of thousands of views. If this veggie omelette has you longing for more, check out this recipe for empanadas, where the chef makes her own fresh ground beef. 

This guy cooking a steak on a rock

Posted by TikTok user Aki (@country_wild_camp), this mouth-watering video proves that stovetops and grills are a thing of the past. He starts by adding beer and fresh garlic to the sizzling rock, before adding the kobe beef steak and cooking it perfectly. He tops it off with some pink salt and an ice cold beer. Trust us, you want to watch this one with sound. There’s a reason this has almost 3 million views. 

Fresh chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Posted on TikTok by Turkish outdoor brand Nurgazshop (, this clip brings Christmas carols to life with its step-by-step breakdown of roasting the perfect chestnut. From tree to skillet to mouth, these chestnuts have a story worthy of their very own holiday. As the chestnuts roast, he slices up a perfect fruit plate and a fresh pot of tea. What more could you want in life? 

This fresh shawarma on a homemade tortilla wrap

This video is made by Almazan Kitchen, another staple of the outdoor cooking world. What makes Almazan Kitchen’s videos so great is that the chef stays completely silent the entire time, letting viewers enjoy the sounds of the fire and the forest. In this video, he builds his own rotisserie using sticks and cooks delicious pork shawarma which he wraps in a homemade tortilla. If this doesn’t make you hungry to cook outdoors, we don’t know what will.

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