TikTokers are inserting personally awkward moments into serious ‘Avengers’ meme

TikTokers perfectly capture the embarrassment of being caught red-handed with this new meme. 

The original video comes from Marvel’s 2016 film Captain America: Civil War, with the stars of the movie sitting around a meeting desk watching footage of their battles and realizing how destructive they have been. It was an intense scene, as the superheroes had to reflect on how much damage they’d done.

While TikTokers aren’t in the same life-or-death situation, having moments of shame or events that were supposed to be private on the big screen is where they can relate. 

“And this is why I never connect my contact list to no social media,” said @sirhsf

The videos continue past just putting paint on your face, with some people actually doing dangerous acts.

“Someone showed my parents a video of me going 210km/h on my mom kia forte,” commented @adircohen90.

“Bro having fun & getting the work done tho,” said @loya_rodrigo.

Some users have difficulty setting up the meme, but it is pretty simple.

All you have to do is use a text feature to put the names of the people watching the video and use a green screen effect to insert your personal video.

The quick yet calculated cuts to each member of the room provide a heightened effect to the awkwardness and uneasy feeling that comes with being exposed.

All of the Avengers ended up coming back together in movies down the line and were able to push past that meeting. Hopefully, TikTokers with their video on the big board can also move past it.

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