Where does the viral ‘side-eye’ TikTok sound come from?

TikTokers are giving other users side-eye and judgemental looks with the help of this viral sound. 

The “side-eye” sound is a simple one, as it just shows TikTok user Cynthia Mmasi (@cynthiammasi) saying, “Side-eye … side-eye” on a TikTok live. Mmasi currently has over 78,000 followers, but her voice is reaching much further than her immediate online community.

However, Mmasi didn’t post the original sound; a fan page of hers (@user6934054176375) did. The original sound post has over 2 million views, 186,000 likes, and nearly 130,000 videos. 

“This audio is EVERYWHERE,” replied @blkcatt.

Users have gravitated towards this audio because it is a perfect response to some questionable statements, just like @mr.prada47 did in this video. 

“Not even a side eye it’s a BLANK STARE,” replied @ericabiondo_. 

On top of that statement, @bestiejaden_ used this sound to give his perspective on the never-ending Android versus Apple debate. 

There were some people in the comments who personally lived this scenario and had to step in and give their perspectives. 

“I used to download ios 14 lock screen or sum and zfont and i had lockscreen of ios and emojis too,” said @spamxnnx.

Aside from just weird scenarios between people, the sound has highlighted a quirk from one of the biggest celebrities in the world. 

“And she eats it up everytime,” said @f1erstreet_backup

From petty statements in school to calling out a celebrity’s signature move, the audio serves several purposes and gets the job done every time. 

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