13 products that went mega-viral on TikTok in March

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If you have a TikTok — and, of course, you do — you’ve likely been victim to a TikTok-made-me-buy-it scenario. Let’s face it: Users are just too good at finding TikTok products you never knew you needed.

In March alone, TikTok users discovered everything from a foundation that beauty lovers can’t stop talking about to a beyond-aesthetic alarm clock.  That’s not to mention the cute blow-up pools, innovative kitchen strainers and the random shirt company of your dreams — or nightmares, you know, depending.

Check out (and get ready to drop some cash on) the top viral products from March 2021. Just blame that dang credit card statement on TikTok.

1. A projector that can make a faux window on your wall for relaxing views

Credit: Amazon

TikTok loves a good projector. But in March, users took the projector obsession to another level, discovering a way to project fake windows on to walls for (faux) relaxing views. All you need is a projector that connects to an internet-enabled device. Just search for window views on YouTube.

2. This independent company that makes the most bizarre, incredible personalized shirts

Credit: Nice Shirt. Thanks!

Nice Shirt. Thanks! makes custom T-shirts based on your description — and the results are pretty hilarious. Some past descriptions include “I love Harry Styles and ABBA. I’m a lesbian and an Aries” and “T-Rex playing a guitar, riding a snowboard, wearing this same shirt, helmet and goggles.” Yes, things get very weird.

3. These super-chic, versatile sunglasses that are beyond trendy

Credit: Willows

In need of some sunglasses? TikTok recently discovered Willows, which are stylish sunglasses with chain arms. The chains do actually keep the sunglasses in place — and add a good dose of style

4. This renter-friendly rain shower head that is so easy to install 

Credit: Amazon

If you have low water pressure in your rented apartment, this easy-to-install rain shower head will fix the problem — and give you a spa-like experience.

5. These super aesthetic inflatable pools that are actually made for adults

Credit: Amazon

Forget kiddie pools. These Instagram-worthy inflatable pools from Target are for kids at heart. Yes, they actually fit adults and they are affordable. 

6. A mega-viral LED clock with a mirrored surface

Credit: Amazon

Introducing TikTok’s favorite alarm clock. With an LED and mirrored display, this sleek clock goes with any decor and it can charge your devices too.

7. This wild device that picks up your bobby pins in a flash

Credit: Amazon

If your sink or vanity is always covered in tiny bobby pins, you need this. This tiny device is super magnetic, picking up those pesky pins with ease.

8. A high-coverage balm foundation that beauty lovers can’t stop talking about


KVD Beauty’s newest foundation release was perhaps the most talked about beauty launch on TikTok this March. The balm-textured foundation was especially formulated for dry skin, giving killer coverage. But be warned — those with oily skin haven’t had good results with this particular formulation.

9. This collapsible strainer that makes kitchen tasks a flash

Credit: Amazon

Forget holding a strainer in one hand and a boiling pot in another. With this across-sink strainer, you can wash, strain and rinse anything you need without playing a balancing game. Plus, it comes in pretty colors.

10. This nifty block that will instantly multiply your outlet space

Credit: Amazon

If you are always running out of outlet space, this electrical block will solve all your problems. With six outlets and two USB adapters, this thing is a charging beast. It even has a built-in night light so you aren’t constantly tripping over clothes and rugs on your midnight bathroom runs.

11. These cool wine bottle holders that may freak out guests

In March, TikTok discovered these cool “spilled” wine holders that hold your bottles at an angle — and look like your wine is spilling out. Though it’s currently sold out on Amazon, this ribbon holder gives a pretty similar “floating” effect.

12. A food tray that attaches to your car steering wheel 

Credit: Amazon

With more and more restaurants serving take-out only, this TikTok find is a must-have. This car food tray hooks on to your steering wheel, giving you a stable place to eat your meal. Finally, you can eat sushi in the car, complete with soy sauce.

13. This automatic potato peeler for unapologetically lazy people

Credit: Amazon

Hate peeling potatoes, apples or literally any other peel-having food? Well, this oddly useful device from Amazon does it for you. Work smarter, not harder.

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