Viral TikTok song inspires tales of female empowerment

The “Venom” TikTok trend has women embracing their power.

It all started when a verse from “Venom” by the British Nigerian rapper Little Sims, a.k.a. Simbiatu “Simbi” Abisola Abiola Ajikawo, began to circulate. Here’s why people on TikTok on can’t stop lip-syncing to it. 

Who is Little Simz? 

Little Simz was born on Feb. 23, 1994, in London. She is currently 27 years year old. The rapper is also an actress who appeared in the BBC children’s series Spirit Warriors and the third series of Netflix’s Top Boy. 

She has 176,000 YouTube subscribers and 288,000 Instagram followers. 

Her song “Venom” features a spicy verse that TikTok found to be insanely quotable. 

“It’s a woman’s world, so to speak/ P**** you sour/ Never givin’ credit where it’s do/ ’cause you don’t like p**** in power/Venom/Venom,” the lyrics state. 

What is the Venom trend on TikTok? 

The user @th3favourit3s posted a video of her lip-syncing to the song as if she were in a recording studio. Then the song caught on like wildfire and took on a new life. 

“Me teaching my younger sister how to be confident adn viewing herself as a bad b****,” @d4ngerus said in her video. 

In the skit, she lip-synced the verse to “Venom” as if relaying its information. Then the little sister (played by her) responded by lip-syncing the word “Venom” back to her. 

Most of the “Venom” videos follow this call and response format. 

“Me in history class being a raging liberal and feminist,” @kylie.judy said as she mouthed the words. 

“My neutral male teacher being so proud of me,” the caption said as the teacher responded “venom.” 

“Me explaining misogyny and how I will never obey a man to my boyfriend,” @sophiecorso stated. 

“Him destroying his toxic masculinity,” the caption read as the boyfriend replied, “venom.” 

So there you have the Venom TikTok song trend.

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