Virtual reality artist creates intricate, surreal images

Sekiguchi Aimi is a virtual reality artist who uses HTC Vive and Google’s Tilt Brush to transports herself into digital spaces to create surreal images.

Somehow the 2D art in museums seems static in comparison to the artwork Aimi makes, even though it only exists behind a screen. 

Aimi shares her process on her Instagram account. She starts off showing what she looks like in our world. She’s wearing all the necessary tech accessories. But then she transports us into her VR world — a dark, simulated 3D space. Aimi first constructs a large rectangle box with depth.

Next, Aimi begins to construct trees, a dragon and shrubs inside of the box. The difference between a VR painting and a regular one is that with VR you can go inside each picture and inhabit its space. When Aimi pans out away from the image in the VR world, it also appears in 2D as a hanging, flat piece of framed artwork. Thus, it has the dual purpose of being an aesthetic decoration and a world you can visit.

“I love this concept! So awesome!” one Instagram user wrote

“Amazing job!” another said

“That’s sooooo coool!” one person added.

Aimi has been combining art and technology for years. Her subjects range from traditional Japanese imagery to modern pop culture. Today, the Tokyo-based artist exhibits her VR work around the globe and is a Google Tilt Brush artist in residence

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