Vlogger makes popular Fortnite character out of clay

Fans of Fortnite may want to ditch the action figures for their own homemade miniatures. 

Vlogger Serhil Viktorov shows how to sculpt Fortnite’s Fishstick using metal piping and clay. The character is a humanoid Japanese koi fish and one of the game’s most popular players. Fishstick has his own action figureFunko Pop! and a ton of fan-made merchandise already, but here’s how you can make your very own mini Fishstick.

Viktorov starts out with two printed renderings of the figure. One is his wire skeleton, the other is his clay body. Each one is made to scale. The vlogger bends the metal wire to form the skeleton by matching it to the illustration on the piece of paper. 

Once the foundation is complete, he begins molding clay over it. After the piping is covered, he uses a precision tool to smooth out the body to get the desired shape. Viktorov adds details like the eyes, mouth and fingers. Next, he adds an additional layer of clay over the model to create Fishstick’s clothes: a baggy jumpsuit with a utility belt and a hat. 

Now, it’s time to paint. Viktorov paints the action figure after he baked the clay off-screen.

Fishstick is complete and the clay miniature looks like something you’d buy from a fancy ceramics shop. 

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world. After it debuted in 2017, it amassed 350 million players globally by May 2020. Fishstick sure has a lot of fans!

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