Vlogger restores vintage 1955 Chevy tow truck toy

If you love vintage toys and need to chill, then Serhil Viktorov has got the perfect ASMR for you.

Viktorov restored a rusty old toy truck and made it look like brand new. The video is chockfull of metal clinks, plastic rattles, puffs of spray paint and clicking parts. It’s also satisfying to see a tarnished and corroded object transform into something brand new.

“I bought this 1955 Chevy tow truck car model on eBay for $10. It was in a bad state and very rusty,” Viktorov told Newsflare. “The seller who sold this car to me said that he found him in this state near the river. Apparently, children once played there and it was forgotten and after a while it began to rust.”

When Viktorov starts, the rusted pickup truck is coated in orange and white rust. He unscrews the bottom of the frame to remove the base of the wheels and carefully deconstructs each part. As each piece is separated, globs of dirt fall off of the materials. Next, Viktorov sands down each metal part. Then he spraypaints the truck frame red. He scrubs the plastic pieces with a toothbrush and cleanser. Finally, he screws all of the parts back together.

The cherry red truck looks like it is literally brand new. Not an ounce of rust or dirt in sight.

“I decided that such a car model should not be lost and decided to restore it,” Viktorov said.

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