A TikToker claims she lost a job opportunity over her ‘inappropriate’ voicemail greeting

A woman is going viral after sharing how she allegedly lost a job opportunity due to her “inappropriate” voicemail greeting.

The strange saga comes courtesy of TikTok user @zanayajones8. Her video, which has drawn over 17 million views, has many TikTok users debating the fairness of her situation.

It all started on Jan. 27, when @zanayajones8 shared a screen recording of the voicemail, which she seemingly received back in 2020.

“The time I didn’t get hired because of my voicemail,” the TikToker captioned her clip.

In the voicemail, the alleged hiring manager explains that after hearing @zanayajones8’s voicemail greeting, he’d decided against moving forward.

“I recommend that if you apply for a job and you expect somebody to call you that you have a more appropriate response on your voicemail,” the voicemail said.

It’s uncertain where @zanayajones8 had applied. However, she did add the hashtag #harristeeter to her video, implying a reference to the East Coast grocery chain.

As the clip went viral, many commenters began asking @zanayajones8 what her voicemail greeting sounded like. So, she shared the whole thing in a follow-up video.

The voicemail greeting is certainly casual, but it doesn’t use curse words or inappropriate language. Many commenters were confused as to why it would exclude @zanayajones8 from a job opportunity.

“Are you serious?” one user wrote. “He’s acting as if you’re using a bunch of foul words. It’s literally your personality.”

“Girl. It’s not even that bad!” another agreed.

“This voicemail is childish, but it shouldn’t have stopped you from getting a job,” another commented. “He’s miserable. Be glad you didn’t get hired.”

Others took it a step further, saying the voicemail greeting was a positive, not a negative.

“I would literally hire you because of your voicemail,” one commenter wrote.

“I have worked in HR for 10-plus years. I would have laughed and proceeded with an interview. People have personalities and aren’t robots!” another added.

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