Photo editing app VSCO shares groundbreaking predictions for Gen Z in 2022

After the last couple of chaotic years, JUV Consulting surveyed 1,000 Gen Z creators to see where 2022 might be heading for The VSCO Lens: 2021.

The respondents shared their outlook on fashion, daily activities, goals, music and social justice. One thing is for sure, we can expect lots of creativity from Gen Z in 2022. The generation plans to step their fashion game up, continue pursuing a slew of eclectic hobbies and stick with the causes they care about. 

Gen Z Fashion in 2022

VSCO found that 56% of respondents planned outfits as a creative outlet and 59% said they planned to dress up in 2022 after spending the last two years in athleisure and loungewear. While 28% said they get dolled up to meet others, 23% said they like to look their best even if they’re at home alone and 7% said they serve looks exclusively for social media posts.

Gen Z gets most of its fashion inspiration from each other with 35% saying their peers impact how they dress. Television, film and specific eras, like the 1990s, were how 28% found new fashion ideas. But practicality seemed to prevail with 59% saying they prioritize affordability in fashion and 57% opting for sustainable clothing. 

Gen Z Hobbies in 2022

Fashion isn’t the only way Gen Z expresses themselves. VSCO asked respondents about their favorite pastimes. The hobbies were diverse; 46% liked photography, 40% spent time playing or creating music, 31% did journaling, 27% experimented with makeup, 26% did photo and video editing, 16% made video content and 39% drew or painted in their free time. 

Gen Z Goals in 2022

In 2022, Gen Z plans to improve its mental health and wellness above all else. The generation’s next priorities are becoming financially stable and wrapping up their education. 

Gen Z Activism in 2022

Only 3% of respondents said they didn’t support any causes they cared about at all. Meanwhile, 53% said they support content that aligns with their values on social media, 50% researches the causes they care about and 32% vote for political candidates that share their values. 

Gen Z Music in 2022

VSCO found Gen Z was big on pop music. Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, BTS, Doja Cat, Adele, Olivio Rodrigo, Rihanna, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa and Justin Bieber were among their favorite artists. 

Gen Z Brands in 2022

The generation doesn’t shy away from designer labels and named Givenchy, Balenciaga, Versace, Chanel and Gucci as some of their top brands. Gen Z also shops commercial brands like Zara, Fenty Beauty, Sephora, Shein, NYX Cosmetics, Maybelline and Garnier.  

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