‘W teacher’ fully supports creative student drawing all over her homework: ‘Go for it’

TikTok is applauding the way one teacher reacted to her student’s artwork, which could get her in trouble in other classes.

In a clip shared by TikToker Bri (@brobeansz), the teen walks up to her teacher with a work folder covered in drawings. After plopping it down on a desk, Bri opens it up to reveal that the worksheets inside are also covered in intricate drawings.

“Ms. Gonzalez, what do you think of my drawings that I do on our homework?” she asks, bracing for her teacher’s response.

But instead of saying anything negative, Ms. Gonzalez immediately praises the student’s creativity.

“I love it,” she tells Bri. “It’s totally entertaining. I think it’s great, and I see that you do your work, so it doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I always see you in class. I’m like, ‘Ay, there she goes again; I hope she’s paying attention.'”

But while she might be doodling on her homework, Bri is keyed into what’s going on around her.

“You know what, you do awesome in class, you do great on your tests — and if you can multitask, go for it,” the teacher says.

In response, TikTok users praised the support Ms. Gonzalez was giving, with one even commenting, “We need more teachers like her!”

“Too few teachers understand this,” said someone else, adding they loved Bri’s drawings.

Dozens of others declared Ms. Gonzalez a “W teacher” — which in TikTok slang means “a win” (as opposed to an “L teacher,” which would mean to lose).

“Everything about this is amazing!!” one person wrote.

“Double the memories on those papers,” another added.

Yet another person pointed out that students with learning conditions like ADHD “tend to retain info better when given a light simulation activity while listening to lectures.” In other words, doodling — which was once considered “bad” or a sign of distraction and even disinterest — could actually be achieving the opposite.

“The best teachers know this,” the TikTok user shared.

Others urged Bri to show off more of her artwork, which she happily obliged.

In several follow-up videos, her talent could be seen on full display:

Hats off to Ms. Gonzalez, who clearly recognizes true talent when she sees it.

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