TikTokers are embracing their dark sides thanks to a 10-year-old BBC clip

A throwback scene from a BBC series has TikTokers feeling mischievous.

The television show in question is none other than Horrible Histories, a comedy sketch show the recreated moments from throughout history. A 2011 episode centered around Caligula, the third Roman emperor from the year 37 to 41 CE. Caligula’s rule was characterized by his brutish cruelty and sadistic tendencies. Many historians consider him a tyrant. But in the series, it was all comedy.

Horrible Histories takes on Caligula

In the (historically inaccurate) comedy series, a historical investigator named D.I. Bones went to Caligula’s palace to investigate a crime. Bones believed the crime must be murder because there were so many dead bodies lying around. However, Caligula casually confessed to the murders and told Bones a different crime was committed 

As Bones walked away, Caligula grabbed a mallet to strike the detective. Caligula said to the mallet, “What do you think Wackus Bonkus?” The mallet replied, “Kill him.” But it was just Caligula doing the mallet’s voice. Caligula responded to the mallet, “Oh, naughty Wackus Bonkus.” Then the emperor murdered Bones, of course. 

What is the “Wakcus Bonkus” TikTok trend?

On August 28, @ev1em0 uploaded the clip from Horrible Histories on TikTok which ignited a viral trend. There are currently 240,000 videos associated with the sound. 

TikTokers are lip-syncing to the audio (and using their hands to mime the mallet) to discuss some of their not-so-good deeds. 

“My group mates aren’t responding,” @sunflowerminded said in a caption

The “mallet” instructed her to “write the entire research paper” herself. 

“My high school bully wanting her hair done by me,” stylist Marquie Hibler said in the caption. 

The “mallet” told her to “overcharge” the bully. 

“Should I do homework or get eight hours of sleep?” TikToker @isitdenny asked. 

The “mallet” simply responded, “neither.” 

“When my boyfriend brings up something I don’t remember telling him,” @aileenchristineee wrote in a clip. 

The “mallet” said, “Must’ve been your other girlfriend.” 

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