The ‘Waffle House has found its new host’ meme is over

Since early January, some social media users have confused and irritated the rest of the internet community by commenting, “The Waffle House has found its new host,” under every video they watch. 

The phrase itself doesn’t mean anything and is simply a YouTube joke. Youtuber @JohnnyRaZeRShorts created the trend as a prank but didn’t think it would go as far as it did. Once he realized he didn’t have control over how his followers would engage with the trend, he tried to elevate the challenge by asking his followers to make Waffle House lore.

“The phrase by itself is very mysterious,” Razer said in a video. “So I want you guys to turn this from a comment trend to a full-on lore series… All you have to do is make your own video, your own lore, your own interpretation on what this actually means.”

After the lore series, Razer went even further in his requests. 

“The Waffle House has found its new host, but the real hosts are the employees,” said Razer to start a video. “Right now or at 3 a.m., whatever’s more convenient, go to your nearest Waffle House, and give your server the fattest tip they’ve ever seen in their entire life.” 

He wanted to use the trend “for good,” as it was clearly out of his hands. 

Once the trend got rolling, Razer sent out a video saying the original plan was to start on January 31. However, users had already started doing the trend, so Razer switched the plan to then end on January 31.

However, according to Razer, the trend is now over. He wants to end this part of the prank and move on to the next phase of the joke — “gaslighting.”

Razer told his fans to delete all their comments and act like nothing ever happened. This will be extremely tough to actually achieve, as news outlets covered the trend in stories, but it’s worth a shot for Razer and his community. 


The Waffle House Has Found Its New Host Saga Comes To An End #funny #wafflehouse #meme

♬ original sound – Jonny RaZeR – Jonny RaZeR

Fans instantly decided to play along with the bit in the comments

“I’m confused about this video. what was this waffle house thing about. never heard about it before,” said @ramhorn01.

“Maybe the real Waffle House hosts were the friends we made along the way,” commented @metalmonkey76.

Nevertheless, if you don’t see “the Waffle House has found its new host” under any more posts or can’t find it, know that you aren’t going crazy. 

It’s all just a part of the plan. 

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