Waitress stirs controversy after spat with ‘controlling’ customer: ‘Completely unacceptable’

When a server refused to mediate between an arguing couple, she ended up getting caught in the middle of things anyway. 

The woman went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if she handled herself correctly. Things took a turn when a husband ordered a beer from the waitress and his wife insisted she only bring him water. The waitress told them she wasn’t getting involved and served the man his beer. But the wife was not happy and demanded the worker’s tip back. 

“I’m a 22-year-old, female waitress at Texas Roadhouse,” she wrote. “Yesterday I was assigned a table that had a husband, wife and what appeared to be a teenage daughter (maybe 17). Everything was going smooth at first and the wife ordered a margarita. The husband then tried ordering a beer. The wife instantly lost her noodles and said, ‘Uh, no. He will not have a beer. He will have a water.’ She then turned to him and said something along the lines of him not needing to drink because he was driving. He said no, the daughter could drive. It was childish.”

The husband and wife continued to bicker. He demanded a beer. She said he couldn’t have one. 

“In this industry, situations like this are a lose/lose for waitresses. If I get him the beer, wife won’t tip. If I don’t get him the beer, he won’t tip,” she explained. “So while they were arguing at me, I said, ‘Listen, I really don’t have time to play mediator here.’ They went silent. I went and got both of them their alcohol.”

When the meal was over, the husband paid for the bill while his wife and daughter waited outside. He tipped the server $40 on a $68 bill. The server refused it, but when he insisted she finally took the money. 

“Wife comes in an hour or so later demanding that I give her the $40 her husband gave me, stating that I was a terrible host and went against her and I don’t deserve a tip,” she said. “She got my manager involved who said, ‘She is not obligated to give you her tip. You left the restaurant and the tip has already been processed. Have a nice night.’ She was fuming, screaming at me about how much of an a****** I was for supplying her husband alcohol after she said no. Other guests started chiming in saying that she was being ignorant and that I was doing my job, which is to provide guests with what they want and said that it wasn’t my fault that she was a controlling wife. She storms out.”

Reddit users felt the server was justified in her stance.

“Her behavior towards you was completely unacceptable regardless of their personal history,” one user commented

“Their marital issues are between the husband and wife only. You did your job and brought him what he ordered,” someone wrote

“You’re not responsible for her insane control issues or their terrible marriage,” another said

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