Waitress on TikTok reveals ‘biggest’ pet peeves of working in the service industry

After sharing some of the biggest pet peeves she’s developed while working in the service industry, a waitress is going viral.

The clip comes from a 23-year-old waitress who goes by the username @bobbiswan on TikTok. In her video, she asked several of her coworkers to share what annoys them most about the job — revealing plenty of common themes.

Among the most common answers? Being snapped at.

“We’re not dogs,” one waitress said in the clip.

“When I’m carrying a tray full of plates and an armful of cups, and somebody snaps their fingers and is like, ‘Hey, can you do this for me on the spot,'” another waiter added.

Another waitress said her biggest pet peeve was when customers cut her off. Meanwhile, @bobbiswan said her own personal pet peeve was when customers tell her they’re ready to order but actually have no clue what they want.

Her video was a follow-up to a previous TikTok where several more coworkers shared other issues that annoyed them.

Those complaints included when customers order in random sequences, don’t listen to the waitstaff and of course — when customers talk over each other.

Overall, TikTok commenters seemed more than sympathetic to the list of issues. Several current and former service industry workers also chimed in, airing their own gripes.

“Mine was people forgetting what they ordered,” one commenter wrote. “These plates are burning my arms. Somebody claim their Fiesta Lime Chicken — now.”

“My biggest pet peeve as a server: People. I will not be elaborating,” another added.

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