What is walk ball? Here’s how to play TikTok’s new favorite sport

If American football is a bit too intense for you, then you may want to get to know TikTok’s walk ball.

NFL fans are no strangers to watching players violently crash into each other. The contact sport has recently come under fire for its potential harm to athletes. It’s been know to cause conditions like chronic traumatic encephalopathy (C.T.E.), a form of dementia, and other hazards. Now TikTok athletes have taken a gentler approach to the sport, reimagining it as something less aggressive called “walk ball.” 

What is walk ball on TikTok? 

Walk ball is identical to American football in format. The only difference is that there is no running allowed. Players walk to score touchdowns and pull off plays. They also block opponents instead of tackling them. Sure, it may take a little longer to complete a game but it’s way less brutal and far less dangerous. 

Just about any game with running can be easily transformed into walk ball, so it’s not uncommon to see basketball or soccer versions. 

“So me and my teammates played walk ball,” @rayquansmith23 said.

The footage showed him and his friends frenetically walking as they tossed the ball around. 

“When he say I’ll do anybody in walk ball and it really get like dat,” @dariuscollins8 in a video caption


@jesseryt @AJ Lapray @thejonathanmoss #walkball #basketball #2hype #funny

♬ original sound – jayo

Even influencers are playing walk ball. TikToker @jayo played a basketball version with 2HYPE house members. 

Athletic influencer Stephania Ergemlidze bet $1,000 in a game of walk ball and won

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