Dad convinces toddler she’s talking to Disney princesses on walkie-talkie: ‘You’re making her childhood so fun’

Ultra-hip TikTok dad Zeth and his 2-year-old daughter Saylor continue to charm the internet. 

The San Diego father-daughter duo has 8.8 million followers on TikTok. While Zeth is separated from Saylor’s mother, that hasn’t stopped the pair from going on plenty of adventures together. Whether it’s testing out a Disney princess wand or Saylor being certain her dad is Heath Ledger, the two are always having fun. 


stoke levels were high after this 😂❤️

♬ original sound – Zeth

Recently, Zeth convinced Saylor that she had a direct line to her favorite Disney princesses. Admittedly, the pink-and-purple walkie-talkie would be enough to trick most toddlers. But the fact that a woman’s voice on the other line answered all of the 2-year-old’s questions likely sealed the deal

“We’re going to call Minnie now. We’re trying to page Minnie. Minnie Mouse, is that you?” Zeth said into the walkie-talkie. 

“Oh, she’s sleeping,” the woman’s voice said. 

“Can you forward us to Elsa?” the father asked.

“Hello, Saylor?” the woman’s voice answered.

Saylor looked stunned. Zeth was happy to play things up and looked shocked. 

“This is Queen Elsa. Is Saylor there?” the woman asked. 

“Yes!” Saylor shouted. The little girl was giddy with excitement as Zeth cracked up. He asked Elsa if the cold ever bothered her.

“The cold never bothered me. But sometimes my sister Anna gets cold,” the woman said. 

Saylor’s jaw dropped. She covered her mouth in disbelief before saying, “Now let’s get to Anna.” 

The adorable video racked up over 16 million views. People praised Zeth for making Saylor’s childhood seem a little magical. 

“You’re making her childhood so fun,” one person said.

“This must have been the best day of her life,” another wrote

“Great job at making great memories for Saylor,” a user commented.

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