Walking sling allows patients in gait training feel more independent

Whether it’s from an accident or health condition, there are all sorts of reasons why someone might need gait training. Physical therapists use these kinds of exercises to help people walk better by improving strength, balance and range of motion in the lower body. 

One thing that comes in handy for this process is a walking sling like the Arjo Walking Jacket. It’s a supportive sling that helps users get into a standing position for gait training and helps them stay upright. 

The sling is hoisted to the ceiling and works by lifting and suspending the users into an upright position. The nurse is then able to help the person balance or practice taking a few steps. When the patient slips or tips, the Walking Jacket catches their fall by safely holding them in place. The device is also used to lift and transport patients from beds to wheelchairs. 

There are numerous benefits to gait training with a walking sling. It can help reduce bedsores, minimizes the chance of muscle atrophy and reduces the risk of injury. But most of all, it allows users to feel independent. 

“They provide patients with the additional security they need to regain their confidence when it comes to exploring movement and walking practices,” according to HLS Healthcare. “Because ceiling hoists don’t restrict a patient, they can move as freely as they like depending on their injuries and also rely on the strong slings for support whenever necessary.”

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