TikTokers are freaking out after discovering a ‘fancy’ Walmart in Arkansas

A woman from Rogers, Ark., is going viral after showing off the “fancy” Walmart Marketplace in her town.

The video comes from a TikTok user named Sarah (@reallifesarah918). Her clip, shared on May 3, has since drawn almost 2 million views.

Sarah’s post follows an ongoing trend in which users share the supposedly upscale versions of everyday businesses and chains. In one video, a New Yorker showed off a “fancy” Home Depot store in midtown Manhattan. In another, an Australian woman shared her experience at KFC’s “fine dining” restaurant.

The store depicted in Sarah’s video seems to be the Walmart Neighborhood Market at 5000 West Pauline Whitaker Parkway. As the TikToker showed at the start of her clip, the Walmart is near a seemingly expensive neighborhood.

The Walmart itself, meanwhile, has a sort of gazebo-shaped entrance, complete with accents and tile roofing. Many TikTokers said they’d never seen a store like it.

“Imagine the clothes in that Walmart,” one user wrote.

“To me this feels like a different universe,” another added.

“They actually MIGHT give Target a bit of a run for their money if every Walmart store looked like this,” another user commented.

Others commented on the fact that the “fancy” Walmart appeared to be located in a nice area.

“Royalty status,” one user joked.

“This video just told me I’m broke,” another added.

However, as Sarah showed in a follow-up clip, the location is not as upscale as it appears. In fact, the inside seems to be the same as most other Walmart stores.

Some TikTokers commented that they have similarly dressed-up Walmarts in their area, noting that the exterior could be designed to fit in with other buildings in the shopping center.

Others pointed out that the Rogers location is extremely close to Walmart’s corporate headquarters, in Bentonville, Ark. In fact, the two towns are practically adjacent.

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