Walmart employee debunks long-believed store hoax on TikTok

A Walmart discount hack has been going viral on TikTok since 2020 — and it’s totally fake.

According to the ongoing hoax, which was most recently (and most widely) shared by user @iammittalpatel, there’s a four-digit code present above the Walmart front entrance doors that customers can use as a discount code at self-checkout.

The video garnered nearly 7 million views in just two days, which means there are a whole lot of people who have incorrect information about a possible deal. That doesn’t even account for the last time the hoax went viral from another video with 4 million views back in January.

A handful of commenters immediately pointed out that the four-digit number around the entrance is simply the store number. Some users couldn’t find those numbers at all. Some demonstrated that there is not even a place to enter a discount code on Walmart’s self-checkout screens.

“Myth busted,” user @metischickk said.

The most conclusive evidence that the so-called “hack” was fake came from @shantellmurphy, who said she is a Walmart employee. In her video, she said she couldn’t find the four-digit code anywhere, so she asked a coworker what the store number was.

While using self-checkout, she recorded all the different options that came up on the screen, but there was nowhere to enter any sort of discount code.

“So, as you can see, it’s totally fake,” she said.

The expert fact-checkers over at said it best: If that hack really did work, there would be countless videos showing that it does. Instead, there are none — just disappointed patrons.

Skip this hack and channel your energy into finding the next great sale instead.

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