9 pantry staples that will save you time and money preparing meals

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There’s no reason to order takeout when you have a fully stocked fridge and pantry at home. Of course, unless you’re short on time. After a long day of work, school, errands and more, time can slip away (and so can your energy). However, there are a few things you can keep in your pantry to help you save time and money on preparing meals — and you can get them all at Walmart.  

Walmart makes it easy to get the groceries and kitchen gadgets you need at a low price. The retailer even offers free curbside pickup as soon as same-day. You can order your groceries and pick them up on your way home, or send someone else from your household to snag your goods. If you don’t want to head outside, you can also have your order delivered to spare yourself the driving time.  

Walmart also offers a guide to fast family meals online, including pasta under $20, deli favorites, heat ‘n serve veggies and more. 

The point is, when you have the groceries, including a few pantry staples like Walmart’s Artisan Crafted Loaded Bacon Cheddar Macaroni (yum!), you can keep yourself from ordering yet another pizza. Check out our list below of pantry staples for preparing meals in a hurry that taste good and a few that are good for you.  

1. Great Value RigatoniClassico Fire Roasted Tomato and Garlic Pasta Sauce and Kraft Grated Parmesan Cheese, $6.46

Credit: Walmart

Pasta is as easy as boiling water. Combine your choice of noodles (rigatoni is our go-to for red sauce) with a sauce and sprinkle with cheese. If you want to kick it up, you can bake some frozen meatballs to add to your plate, too. 

2. Great Value Artisan Crafted Loaded Bacon Cheddar Macaroni, $1.98

Credit: Walmart

There’s macaroni and cheese, and then there’s bacon macaroni and cheese. This kit gets its rich flavor and creamy texture from cheddar cheese, cream cheese, black pepper and, of course, bacon bits. 

3. Ocean’s Halo Organic and Vegan Pho Noodle Bowl, $3.98

Credit: Walmart

If you’ve never had pho, it’s a hot Vietnamese noodle dish similar to Japanese ramen, and it’s great for enjoying on a rainy day.  

4. The Little Potato Company Microwave Ready Garlic Parsley Potatoes Kit, $3.97  

Credit: Walmart

Throw these potatoes in the microwave for five minutes and toss with the included seasoning. They’re a great gluten-free alternative to pasta when you’re in a pinch, and can be paired with just about anything.  

5. Campbell’s Slow Kettle Style Creamy Tomato Soup With Crunchy Toppings, $1.98 

Credit: Walmart

Tomato is one of the most versatile soups. You can eat it with a grilled cheese sandwich — or try this Campbell’s Slow Kettle Creamy Tomato, which comes with parmesan crisps and tomato basil croutons for topping.  

6. Great Value Chicken Bacon Ranch Flavored Dinner Kit, $2.48 

Credit: Walmart

This kit has everything you need to make a delicious bacon ranch elbow pasta dish — just add your favorite Tyson chicken! You can prep your chicken in advance or even use a rotisserie chicken from Walmart, if you’re tight on time. 

7. Great Value Teriyaki Tuna Bowl with White Rice, $2.24  

Credit: Walmart

If you’re looking for a healthy grab-and-go meal, this teriyaki tuna bowl is a great staple to have on hand. It’s packed with 18 grams of protein to keep you going strong all day long. 

8. Ancient Harvest Microwavable Organic Quinoa, Chickpea & Garlic, $2.98 

Credit: Walmart

You should feel good about what you’re eating, even if it is in a hurry. This quinoa meal is vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO certified. Eat it as a main dish or prepare it as a side.

9. Great Value Artisan Crafted Cheeseburger, $1.92 

Credit: Walmart

Sometimes, you just need a hearty, warm meal, and this artisan-crafted cheeseburger pasta can be it. Mix in your choice of ground beef or ground turkey for a deliciously filling meal. 

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice flavor or time to eat a good meal. And with a few of these pantry staples from Walmart, you definitely don’t have to. 

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