Hilarious TikToker reviews Walmart’s Pride merch: ‘I screamed in actual horror’

A TikToker absolutely roasted Walmart’s 2022 Pride collection. It was epic. 

Corporations have recently been called out for coopting social justice movements just to sell more products. Last year, Walmart was included in a list of 25 companies that celebrated Pride but “donated over $10 million to anti-LGBTQ politicians,” according to the Guardian

So when LGBTQ TikToker Connor Clary fired shots at the major retailer, they were pretty much earned. Clary reviewed Walmart’s selection of Pride merchandise, and boy did he have some opinions. 



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First up was a gray shirt with a rainbow on it that seemed to make light of a slur for lesbians. 

“I’m immediately obsessed that someone decided to throw a derogatory term on a shirt for Pride month,” Clary wrote. “I want to say the design here was lacking, but honestly, it would probably feel worse if they actually put effort into this. Five out of five.” 

Clary then moved on to reviewing another shirt. “Honestly, I think some underpaid designer just accidentally tripped and slapped this on a shirt,” he said of a “Live Love LGBT” tee. “Ten out of five.” 

Then there was a yard flag with a deer that said, “Oh deer, I’m queer.” Clary wasn’t a fan of it either. 

“This deer looks like it’s in actual physical pain that gay people exist, and honestly, me too. Five out of five,” he joked

Another item in poor taste was a shirt celebrating the landmark Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage

“I would not rush out and buy the Supreme Court ‘They Said Yes’ shirt because that ‘yes’ is starting to feel more like a ‘maybe,'” Clary said.

People in the comment section felt similarly to Clary. 

“I screamed in actual horror at the first one,” a user wrote

“The Supreme Court one is aging like milk left out in the sun,” another said

“Torn between hating capitalism and wearing them ironically,” someone commented

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