Mom makes upsetting discovery in Walmart when she stacks toddler boys’ shorts: ‘This is not OK’

A mom made a shocking finding when she stacked toddlersclothes in the middle of Walmart, and TikTokers are outraged.

Physician assistant and TikToker Anne (@annethepa) went viral when she documented a strange and upsetting issue with toddlers’ clothes.

Now, much like the story of the mom who threatened to scream in the middle of Target when she looked through a pile of boys’ shirts, Anne’s apparel discovery is shocking TikTok parents around the world.


And don’t try to tell me “boys run bigger” #fyp #duetthis #bodyimage

♬ original sound – Anne the PA

It all started when Anne uploaded a video titled “Boys vs. Girls Clothes,” which quickly gained over 1 million views.

In the video — captioned “And don’t try to tell me ‘boys run bigger'” — Anne demonstrated how girls’ shorts fail to increase in length despite increasing in size.

“If anyone is wondering why girls have body image issues, these are my daughter’s shorts,” Anne says, laying out a pair of 2T shorts. Atop these shorts, she lays a pair of her son’s 9 months shorts — revealing that both pairs are exactly the same length despite the difference in her kids’ ages.

To prove her findings weren’t a one-off, Anne pulled out a second set of shorts, this time her son’s 9 months shorts and her daughter’s 3T shorts — again, almost the exact same length, with the 9 months shorts actually measuring a little longer than the toddler shorts. “This is not OK,” she says.

But when some viewers argued that Anne’s video didn’t account for certain discrepancies — such as different brands, or extra fabric for diapers — she recorded a follow-up video. This time, she captured her findings right in the middle of Walmart.


Reply to @sprimon2 all in good fun but this is much different than I was expecting 😳

♬ original sound – Anne the PA

In the follow-up video, Anne pulled three pairs of girls’ denim shorts, in sizes 4T, 18 months and 3 months. Right away, it’s obvious that despite the very different ages, the shorts all measure roughly the same general size and length.

Anne then stacks a group of boys’ denim shorts, again in sizes 4T, 18 months and 3 months. This time, the shorts are all shockingly different in length and size — suggesting that while boys’ shorts increase in length as they age up, girls’ shorts remain the same.

To further drive home her point, Anne slid the two stacks of shorts side by side, revealing just how short girls’ shorts are, compared to boys’ much longer ones, despite being the exact same sizes.

In The Know by Yahoo reached out to Walmart for comment but did not receive a response.

‘I didn’t realize it started so young…’

While Walmart might not have had much to say in response to Anne’s findings, nearly 4,000 TikTokers certainly did.

“But then girls get sent home for their shorts being too short at school! Kids clothes are so frustrating,” one user commented.

“The fact that there is barely a difference between 18 months & 4T girls!!!!😳,” wrote another user.

“I didn’t realize it started so young. Omgosh,” commented one user.

“I have 1 girl in 4T, 1 girl in 12-18mo. When I’m folding laundry I have to look at the tag with shorts! They can wear each other’s most times,” shared another user.

“This is infuriating. Been navigating it for 18 yrs and two daughters – we end up buying ‘boys’ clothes for comfort anyways,” one user wrote.

Hopefully Anne’s revelatory videos will bring change to the clothing industry for the sake of kids everywhere.

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