TikToker reveals what’s inside Walmart’s ‘trial store’: ‘Coolest Walmart you’ve ever seen’

This TikToker says one of Walmart’s best-kept secrets is its “trial store.” 

The user @carriejernigan1 lives near Walmart’s corporate location and one of the benefits is access to its test store. In 2020, Walmart turned four of its locations into technology test centers

The company stated the purpose of the test stores is to “find solutions that help our stores operate as both physical shopping destinations and online fulfillment centers.” 

In the video, @carriejernigan1 explained that customers can try Walmart’s latest products and technologies before they’re launched to the public. 

At her local test store, there’s a doctor’s office, doggy daycare, spa and veterinary clinic. She added that the shopping carts are always different because Walmart is always testing new ones. 

Her favorite section is home decor because it’s chic and affordable. The toy department is also notable since it has unique items not yet on the market. 

People on TikTok couldn’t help but notice that their local Walmarts were not as nice. 

“Meanwhile there’s locks on the shelves at our Walmart,” a user joked.

“Meanwhile the carts at my Walmart are from the 90s,” another added.

“Walmart would make even more money if they did all the stores like this,” someone commented

“Girl if you saw my Walmart you would be traumatized,” a TikToker said

“They need to make every Walmart this way,” a person wrote

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