TikTok chef stirs up drama with wasteful ‘cleaning’ method

A TikTok chef is causing controversy after sharing his “wasteful” method of cleaning old containers.

On Oct. 29, Alfredo Garcia, a former personal chef, took to TikTok to find out if anyone else ever resorted to his cleaning method (if you can even call it that).

“So, do you ever just leave your leftovers in containers for way longer than necessary and you keep putting it off to clean them and then you just have to throw them away ’cause you’re scared how bad they’re gonna smell when you open them?” he asked fellow users. All the while, he threw out several containers that appeared to be high-quality and made of glass.

Garcia posted the video because he thought his problem was relatable. Many TikTokers didn’t agree, however.

“That’s extremely wasteful. Don’t do that,” one person said.

“WHAT? Please tell me you’re joking and you don’t actually throw away the containers?” another added. “That is so wasteful.”

“I’m too poor to do that,” a third commented.

In response to one of the critical comments, Garcia claimed that he “always [saves] his expensive Tupperware. “If it was cheap $2-$3 I don’t feel as bad about throwing [it] away,” he said.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, it can take something as small as a plastic bottle up to 450 years to break down in a landfill. Throwing your plastic containers away isn’t just wasteful, but also harms the environment.

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