Watch this athletic couple smash an elaborate jump rope routine

Yes, jumping rope is a career. You just have to be as good as Nick Woodard. 

The 14-time World Champion began jumping rope at six years old and has kept at it ever since. Woodard jumps competitively, coaches other athletes and has even performed with Cirque du Soleil. The pro posts videos of his incredible skills on TikTok.

In one video with his wife Kaylee, the couple does a synchronized routine to the TikTok smash “Hit Yo Rollie.” At first, the pair skips rope normally. But when the lyrics call out “right foot, now left foot,” they kick the appropriate foot out and loop the string around the other.


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♬ Hit Yo Rollie – ハハハハハ

When the singer says “one hand, two hands,” they switch from a one-handed handstand to a regular handstand. Somehow they manage never to drop the rope, get tangled in it or lose stamina.

The impressive video received over 323,000 views. TikTok users were smitten with the couple’s coordinated moves.

“I would be strung up and strangled with that rope. You guys are awesome,” a TikTok user commented

“That is a level of coordination that I will never have! Pretty cool,” one user wrote

“Super cool and original at that! I need to know how to do that!” one person said

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