Watch this machine peel 100 onions per minute

It’s one way to peel onions — without the tears.

This Sormac onion peeler is user-friendly and reliable. Operators can oversee the entire process through a display panel from start to finish, including peeled onion counts, capacity and any malfunctions. But what makes it efficient is the singular chain system that allows it to peel 100 onions per minute

First, the operator places the onions into the infeed hopper in the correct position. Next, the equipment’s rotating knives top, tail and cutting arms make a horizontal incision around the onions. Then, a double holding-arm system with rotating holders picks up the onions from the end of the conveyor. 

The arm is on a rotating structure so that it spins the onions on its axis to cut over its circumference. While being cut, air is blown into the onions to remove the unwanted skin. Finally, humans inspect the final product and handle any waste. 

Sormac has been creating and innovating onion peelers for decades now.

“By updating the onion peelers continuously and making them operate in an increasingly modern, sustainable and economical way, product safety, quality and care for the environment can be safeguarded,” Somarc owner Bert Haffmans said. “This enables us, but certainly also our customers, to maintain our advantage over the competition.”

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