Watch this man become a flirty, seductive drag queen for his lover

Tune into Dragged every Thursday, where drag queens Marti Gould Cummings and Jasmine Rice LaBeija help to transform and make over everyday people into their dream versions of drag queens.

Queens come to drag for so many reasons. Perhaps it’s to harness confidence or to play with gender or to express their creativity. In the case of “Dragged” contestant Andrew, it’s to get laid. 

Yes, Andrew wants to try drag for the first time to impress a guy he’s been seeing for a month and a half — and maybe encourage sexual intimacy.

“He likes drag queens, like, a lot,” Andrew says. “So I’m hoping, you know, we can kiki so I can kai-kai.” 

If you know, you know. 

Credit: Cyle Suesz for In The Know

“Dragged” hosts Marti Gould Cummings and Jasmine Rice LaBeija are up to the challenge, ready to turn Andrew into a flirty drag alter ego. Andrew wants a sexy, ladylike makeover that will bring to life all his colorful intimate fantasies.

The queens have one goal for Andrew. As LaBeija simply puts it, “Let’s get you laid.”

Cummings and LaBeija choose a sexy emerald dress, seductive stilettos and a Marilyn Monroe-esque wig. Putting on the get up, Andrew tongue-pops in the mirror so you know it’s on. Now all this sexy queen needs is a name.

“I was thinking because, you know, you’re Jasmine Rice, I could be Wanda Bread,” Andrew says to LaBeija. The approval ratings on that one are 10/10.

Credit: Cyle Suesz for In The Know

The final reveal is a “classy and sassy” queen ready to get her man. And the flirty queen is anything but as pure as a pristine white sandwich bread.

“Do you think this is going to be the outfit that gets him bone-ified?” Cummings cheekily asks.

“I think this Wanda Bread is going to make his dough rise, if you know what I mean,” Andrew says. Gasps all around.

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