Watch this teenager complete a cup stacking round in under 6 seconds

Jordan Neuman is really good at sports stacking. He’s on Team USA in the World Sport Stacking Association and is ranked second for male stackers in Florida, twenty-first for male stackers in the U.S. and fifty-sixth for male stackers in the world.

For the uninitiated, sports stacking requires an individual or team to arrange cups in a predetermined sequence as fast as possible. The game usually has nine or 12 cups that are designed for quick stacking.

Neuman went viral on TikTok this July when he speed-stacked three sets of cups in 5.683 seconds.

Neuman starts off by spreading his legs out into a wide stance so that he is positioned closer to the table. First, he arranges the cups into three pyramids, then he dismantles it into two pyramids. Finally, he makes one large stack before breaking it back down into three sets of cups.

Neuman’s video garnered 1 million TikTok views. Many users took notice of Neuman’s signature stance, which certainly gives him an edge as a competitor.

“The stance is everything,” one user said.

“It’s the stance for me,’ another added.

“Power stance,” one person wrote.

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