What is the ‘water cup’ challenge?

TikTok has turned pouring a glass of water into a thrilling, nail-biting, heart-racing experience. 

The “water cup” challenge is basically like playing Jenga with water. It’s the most harmless, wholesome game you can play with friends — and it will have you on the edge of your seat. It all started when Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster was spotted playing the game on TikTok with former NFL cornerback James Dockery and NFL wide receiver A.J. Green, among others. 

What is the “water cup” challenge on TikTok? 


WATER CUP CHALLENGE 😈🏈 @juju @realdockery @ajgreene15 @jobdockery #football #nfl #SmellLikeIrishSpring

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The @thefbhouse shared Smith-Schuster and his crew playing the game, a trend that started on the app in 2021 but has recently grown in popularity, thanks to the viral clip. First, the guys filled a clear plastic cup with water. The object of the game is for each person to add a drop of water to the cup without causing it to overflow. And according to the rules, the loser gets soaked — whether that means being thrown into a pool or sprayed with a gardening hose.

The game sounds simple, but the cup is able to hold far more water than you might imagine. There were multiple times during the challenge when the football players were certain it was over, but they managed to keep filling the cup for a while. 

“Surface tension of water happens when the molecules of water stick together, as molecules of water are attracted to one another and fight against gravity,” according to Newsweek. “When the water gets to the top, it tends to ride up above the glass rim and create a bubble shape instead of instantly spilling over.”

TikTok couple @galandjosh did the challenge, and it didn’t take long for the winner to be revealed.  


Meanwhile, @andreaandlewis said her fried showed “no remorse” when he shoved her into the pool after she lost

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