Water gushing out of a chopped tree is so satisfying to watch

R&A Tree Service is a Washington-based company founded by Ryland Popke to solve tree-related problems. Whether it’s clearing damaged trees after a natural disaster, removing trees that pose a danger or cutting down trees for construction projects, R&A does it all. But perhaps, what’s most surprising about the tree service is its huge TikTok following. 

Not only does R&A Tree Service have over 331,000 followers, its videos regularly rack up millions of views. Nobody likes to see a tree cut down, but there are valid reasons for their removal. As it turns out the clearing process fits nicely into the internet’s popular oddly satisfying category. But one video stands out amongst the rest. 

clip captioned with only the word “hydrated,” shows an R&A employee at work. First, the worker jumps off a tree as a giant log he just finished cutting falls off. Then he saws at the bottom of the trunk to remove the rest of the tree. But when he does, water gushes out of it. He chips away at a few more bits with an axe, then the massive tree topples over. 

The video received a whopping 94.6 million views. 

“Pretty sure this is what TikTok was created for,” one user replied

“I was this many years old when I discovered trees can do this,” another said

“This is amazing. Loggers that can place a tree where it needs to fall without damaging anything. Good job!” one person wrote.

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