‘Water pizza’ ritual enrages the internet: ‘He doesn’t have shame’

A man’s “water pizza” has torn apart the internet. The tactic was invented to quickly cool a slice of hot pizza, but it comes at a cost.

The concept emerged thanks to a viral Reddit post, in which a woman claimed her husband was using their sink to cool down his pizza.

“My husband believes running pizza under water to cool it down is acceptable,” the post says. “He says it didn’t change the taste and was still good.”

“That would 100% make the pizza soggy which is pretty gross,” one Reddit user pointed out.

“He’s currently doing it in the kitchen sink,” the original poster added in response. “He said it’s good and he doesn’t have shame.”

“This is fake…” one commenter said.

To shut up doubters, the woman shared a Snapchat video of the act and responded directly to the negative comments.

“I’ve gotten a lot of accusations that this is fake,” she wrote. “My brother that lives with us took a video on Snapchat at dinner tonight, so you may all feast your eyes on water pizza.”

As of now, “water pizza” has over 400,000 views.

In the video, clear as day, the poster’s husband clearly runs tap water over a slice of pizza before eating it.

“What in every single f*** is happening here?” one top comment says. “Does this not remove all grease and flavor?”

“This is the first truly unpopular opinion I’ve read here today,” another commenter added.

For anyone curious about experimenting with “water pizza,” one commenter shared that they once ran a slice of pizza through water after mistakingly covering it with salt.

“I sprinkled a s*** ton of what I thought was parmesan over my pizza only to find out to my dismay that it was some kind of seasoned salt. The pizza was completely ruined and there was no way to get the salt off that I could think of. I was about to trash it, when I thought I might try rinsing the salt off,” the user wrote. “Turns out it worked pretty well.”

“My husband says you gotta be quick though or you will lose sauce,” the video’s poster replied.

“Sorry to hear about your future divorce,” another person joked.

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