Haunting live video mysteriously appears on many TikTok users’ feeds

Jeremiah Warlick is known as the “Rubber Band Man” thanks to his penchant for using rubber bands to make watermelons explode. 

His unusual schtick became famous during lockdown boredom, but now TikTok users have grown bored of his antics taking over their For You pages — even though it doesn’t seem to be him behind the posts.

Who is Jeremiah Warlick? 

Warlick is a social media personality and content creator from Tennessee. He has 225,000 followers on Instagram. Warlick usually posts videos of himself covered in baby powder and wrapping rubber bands around watermelons and other fruit until they explode. 

He’s well-known on Instagram, but he doesn’t actually seem to have a TikTok page. In fact, it seems that his live streams are being re-uploaded by various accounts (all deleted by now) to gain clout and followers with a familiar face.

Warlick goes viral

In April 2020, World Star Hip Hop shared a video of Warlick on TikTok. He wrapped 943 rubber bands around the watermelon. Then he held it in his hands as it burst, launching him backward in his chair until he fell over. The video has over 412,000 views. 

But people are over the Rubber Band Man, it seems

“TikTok I’m gonna ask this once, please stop showing me the live of the guy I don’t go follow covered in baby powder wearing goggles,” a woman said in @themattdaimon’s video. 

“I’ve seen him like 20 times why?” someone commented.

“I see him every day,” another wrote.

“I’ve blocked all of his accounts but he still pops up,” a user said

Again, it doesn’t seem to be the actual Rubber Band Man uploading these videos. Hopefully, he’ll reclaim ownership of his image soon, or at least put a stop to all the apparent fakes.

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