Should you actually be flossing your teeth with … water?

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The Waterpik water flosser is one of TikTok’s new favorite gadgets.

Water flossers have been around for a long time, but lately, users on the app are especially pumped about the concept. In particular, plenty of TikTokers seem to like this high-tech, $65 Waterpik WP 660.

Shop: Waterpik WP 660 Water Flosser, $66.23

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This gadget is basically a high-powered, super fine water gun, and it claims it can help get all the gunk and food bits out of your teeth. It’s like having a full-on dentist’s office in your home.

But is it actually that much better than regular floss? To find out, we got a hold of one and tested it the only way we could think of – by eating a ton of messy foods and comparing every flossing method imaginable.

Is the Waterpik water flosser really the ‘best’ teeth cleaner?

We compared our water flosser to two other “traditional” flossing methods: standard, traditional dental floss and a handful of pre-strung, kid-friendly disposable flossers. To do that, this brave editor ate a full ear of corn before trying each flossing method.

Then, we compared all three flossing types on two factors: effectiveness and convenience.

Waterpik water flosser: This thing was extremely effective. The water flosser has all kinds of settings (include a massage function?) and can reach all the way back into the deepest trenches of your gums. For convenience, it did all of that in just 40 seconds. We gave it a total score of 8/10.

Regular floss: The regular floss was just as effective as our water flosser, but it took more time to get there. The standard floss cleaned our teeth in about 90 seconds, so we gave it a small knock there. 6/10.

Kid-friendly floss: There’s a reason this stuff is great for kids (although who doesn’t want some animal-shaped dental tools?). The kiddie floss worked pretty well, although not as well as our other methods. It was a bit faster than the standard floss, though. 6/10.

So there you have it. This water flosser might seem bizarre or a little expensive compared to regular floss. That said, it’s extremely convenient and works really, really well. At the very worst, it’s also just super fun to play with.

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