5 ways to level up hot dogs to make them extra delicious

Hot dogs have been a staple of cookouts and campfires for many years, but they’re not exactly considered gourmet. You can drop a few hot dogs in a pot of boiling water or slap them on the grill and have a delicious meal in minutes. But if you’re looking for a more creative twist on the classic snack, TikTok chefs have you covered. From interesting new toppings to unique preparation techniques, here are five creative hot dog upgrades that will make you hungry if you weren’t already. 

1. Accordion potato chili cheese fry hot dog


Accordion Potato Chili Cheese Fry Hot Dog.

♬ original sound – Josh Elkin

This unique recipe uses a fried potato as a bun! TikToker @thejoshelkin starts by cutting a thin slice of potato vertically on both sides and then making shallow slices on each side. This gives the potato a flexible “accordion” shape and allows Elkin to bend the potato into the shape of a hot dog bun. He then places a skewer through the potato to hold it in place, fries it and adds a hot dog, chili, onions and cheese to make a deliciously creative dish.

2. Vegetarian carrot hot dog


im extraordinarily humble….but god damn I nailed it on this one! CARROT HOT DOGS #MyRoutine #dailyvlog #easyrecipe #asmr #foodasmr #fypシ #hotdog

♬ original sound – Vegbitez

This vegetarian hot dog recipe replaces the hot dog with a carrot. Carrots might sound like an unappealing hot dog replacement, but it’s all about how you prepare them. To make the vegetarian hot dogs, TikToker @vegbitez boils a handful of carrots, then marinades them in garlic, lemon zest, lemon juice, spices, two types of hot sauce and some barbecue sauce. After searing the hotdogs on a grill, he puts them in buns, covers them in cheese and pops them in the oven. Finally, he upgrades them even further with some homemade coleslaw. 

3. Ramen hot dog

Ramen lovers rejoice! Now you can eat ramen and a hot dog for the same meal. Just cook up some ramen, mix it with eggs, and transfer to a bowl. Cook your hot dog, place it in the ramen, then put the entire concoction in a pan and fry it up. The end result is a perfectly seared hot dog in a crunchy ramen bun. 

4. Breakfast hot dog


Breakfast Hot Dogs With French Toast Hot Dog Buns.

♬ original sound – Josh Elkin

This hot dog recipe brings together all of your favorite breakfast foods. TikToker @thejoshelkin makes a French toast bun using hot dog buns dipped in a mixture of eggs and spices. He fills the bun with bacon-wrapped sausage and eggs before adding a bit of maple syrup and hot sauce to give it a spicy kick. Who says you can’t eat hot dogs for breakfast?

5. ‘Snow-capped’ hot dog

These mashed potato-smothered hot dogs make for a hearty dinner. TikToker @coachbritt86 starts by lining a baking sheet with hot dogs. Then he cuts the hot dogs through the middle, covers them in cheesy mashed potatoes, adds more shredded cheese on top and bakes them. The recipe is quick and easy to make, and the end result is a filling meal that’s comforting and delicious.

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