We tested the TikTok hack that claims to make your face look more snatched

TikTok beauty gurus are convinced they’ve got the key to a surgery-free facelift. 

In The Know’s Phoebe Zaslav tried out this five-minute hack to get a “snatched” face. TikTokers claim this facial massage or “face manipulation” can help lift and define the cheekbones and eyes. 

All you need is face oil — Phoebe used rose oil — or a moisturizer to use this technique.

Place the product on your face, then massage each side of your face with the palms of your hands in an upward motion for up to five minutes.

“I’m gonna try for the full five minutes because I’ve never done this before and I really wanna see if it works,” Phoebe said. “I have very almond-shaped eyes so when I am not wearing makeup I do feel a little droopy. So hopefully this will ‘perkify’ my face.” 

Phoebe tried the massage on one side of her face to compare to the other.

“I actually see a difference for this being my first try,” Phoebe said. “This is not droopy. Look at my eye shape like I said before! It literally did what I wanted it to do.”

Phoebe’s right eye looked visibly lifted compared to her left side after the massage. 

Experts swear by facial massages which can help drain lymph nodes and stimulate collage.

“More blood to the skin means more oxygen to the skin, and that blood flow also brings more nutrients,” facialist Sarah Chapman told Vogue. “Just by stimulating the skin, it stops being so lethargic and kick-starts your fibroblasts to produce more collagen.”

According to Byrdie, these kinds of “macro massages,” which can be done by professionals or at home, can also reshape the face by firmly kneading facial muscles. 

“I think it worked. I think I look snatched,” Phoebe concluded after massaging the other side of her face. “Even if it didn’t work like visually the way maybe some of you thought it would, my face feels like alive. I can’t explain it.”

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