We tried Dunkin’s new ghost pepper donut and (barely) lived to tell the tale

In honor of Halloween, Dunkin’ decided to bless America with a new spicy ghost pepper donut on October 14 — billed as the “first pepper-packed donut” to be served in the country.

The donut has strawberry-flavored icing that is mixed with ghost pepper and cayenne pepper and then topped with a sanding of red sugar.

It’s one thing to write about the launch, but I wanted to experience it. So I traveled far and wide (half an avenue and three blocks) to find the closest Dunkin’ that had it in stock (it’s available in select locations until December).

A few things about me: I famously do not like donuts nor have I ever had a ghost pepper, and as a timid woman from Connecticut I figured that I was not the target demographic for the “first pepper-packed donut.”

Suffice it to say, I was very nervous to try it and I think that was apparent when I walked in and, although a couple was in line in front of me staring at the menu, the very nice man behind the counter looked at me and said, “You look like you’re ready to order.”

After packaging the donut for me, I asked the employee if a lot of other people had come in earlier in the day to order it, to which he gave a very enthusiastic nod.

“I’m scared,” I told him.

“What? It’s a donut,” he replied.

Cat for scale.
Concerned human for scale. Color coordination was accidental.

At first bite I thought, “No ❤️.”

Actually, it really isn’t that spicy, it’s more like a ~hot~ aftertaste. Mostly it just tastes like a strawberry donut that lightly burns your throat.

But to my absolute shock, I finished half of it without really paying attention.

My only critique is because this donut is for Halloween, it’s kinda bonkers that they didn’t make it in the shape of a ghost.

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