3 ways to wear a face mask without irritating your ears

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Now that we have spent almost a year dealing with the global pandemic, wearing a face mask everywhere almost feels normal. However, we’re still learning how to deal with all of the irritating issues that come with wearing face masks, like our glasses fogging up and the much-dreaded maskne.

Perhaps one of the most bothersome issues is the pain the elastic strap causes behind the ears. People who have to wear masks for long periods of time — like doctors, waiters and other essential workers — deal with this problem on a daily basis, and it can prove rather uncomfortable.

Thankfully, there are multiple ways to wear a face mask without irritating your ears. Below, In The Know producer Lisa Azcona highlights three hacks that will allow you to wear your mask all day without any ear pain.

1. Attach the mask to your hair with clips.

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For this first hack, all you need is the mask you usually wear and some hair clips.

Using two clips, attach the elastic straps of your mask to your hair so you don’t have to place them behind your ears. “This will keep your mask super tight,” Lisa explained.

2. Hook the straps onto a headband with buttons.

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Believe it or not, many brands have started to manufacture headbands with buttons specifically so you can attach your face mask to them.

To use these headbands, all you have to do is hook the elastic bands from your mask to the buttons on the headband and “your mask will stay secure all day,” according to Lisa.

3. Use a pipe cleaner to tie your face mask behind your head.

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This hack uses a simple art supply that most parents have laying around the house.

For this one, all you have to do is thread a fuzzy stick or pipe cleaner through both of the elastic straps of your mask and tie it behind your head so it fits comfortably.

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