Bride’s bouquet catches on fire during wedding reception

What was always going to be a memorable wedding nearly took a turn for the worse when a bouquet caught on fire.

TikTok user @emilyljackson shared footage of her special day with her audience.

During the reception, the bride placed her bouquet in a vase surrounded by dozens of little candles.

As she walked away, the bundle caught fire. The bride and groom stood and watched the flames grow.

“We absolutely froze in shock,” @emilyljackson said in the comments.

A quick-thinking photographer named Molly Stevens (@forthewestandwildphoto) fearlessly grabbed the blazing bouquet and threw it on the ground. She then stomped on it. Another guest joined her in vanquishing the flames.

Fortunately, that did the trick. The flowers took a beating, but the fire department didn’t have to crash the big party.

The video left TikTok users both shocked and relieved.

“That was literally the most brave photographer ever. Incinerated in her hands and she didn’t even drop it,” one said.

“I would’ve left lol. I’d be so embarrassed,” another wrote.

“Wedding photographers will do anything for the bride, and that is a fact,” a third commented.

A number of commenters expressed frustration that the man who rushed to the scene after Stevens received more attention than she did.

“Grandma applauding the wrong person,” one user said.

“The wedding photographer literally grabbed a big wad of fire and put it out and the man got the praise,” another wrote. 

The photographer herself took to the comments to set the record straight.

“I’m the photographer, thanks for the love you guys,” she wrote. “Two things — [the bride] was told to put the flowers there, she isn’t dumb. And don’t worry, I wasn’t worried about them clapping for the guy. I got plenty of praise haha.”

In the comments, @emilyljackson issued a warning that her bouquet caught fire so quickly because it was made out of pampas grass. So steer clear of that if you’re planning any pyrotechnics for your special day.

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