Brides are revealing their ‘disastrous’ wedding cake fails with hilarious TikTok sound

A trendy TikTok sound is helping disappointed brides laugh in the face of their wedding cake tragedies.

Pinterest might have us believe that weddings are meant to be picture-perfect events, but TikTok has proven that, sometimes, they’re anything but — like the groomsmen who went viral for making inappropriate remarks about a bridesmaid, or the mother of the groom’s speech that turned her son’s face beet red.

But as these wedding cake fail videos teach us, you have to take these off-script moments in stride — and later, with the help of a viral sound, find the humor in the situation.

The viral sound, originally uploaded by @yellowmusicteacher, tells the story of a manicure so bad — and so different from what she asked for — it caused her to laugh and cry at the same time.

Now, disappointed brides are following suit by sharing the wedding cakes they requested versus the wedding cakes they actually received.

TikTok user @yamiletsnunez was horrified when her split, rose-filled cake actually turned out to be a lumpy, halved mess dotted with daisies.

User @csartain29 was hoping for a rustic cake with blush-colored roses and textured buttercream frosting — and instead received a sloppy little cake decorated with clumsy strawberry halves.

Bride @mollyhall1121 had requested a farmhouse chic cake, sunflowers cascading down the fondant-covered tiers — only to instead receive a stout little tower cake, dotted with a few random flowers and topped with a clunky tree ornament.

But it’s not just wedding cake fails using the viral sound. TikTok user @kandy_sweethrt jumped on the trend to reveal a shockingly bad baby shower cake — one that couldn’t look more different from the one requested.


Atleast it still tasted good 😂

♬ original sound – Kneely_Knight

Thankfully, all the disappointed customers seem to have made peace with their impossibly bad cake fails — all thanks to a TikTok sound that’s teaching us to laugh through our tears.

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