‘Horrible’ wedding guest throws cake at bride and groom: ‘He should be sued’

A bride and groom got an unexpected face of cake when an unruly wedding guest went off the rails. 

While there is a tradition called the “wedding cake smash” where cake is smeared across the bride and groom’s faces, it’s usually the couple’s choice. TikToker @petrovichpetrovich posted a viral video where a pair of newlyweds got cake thrown at them by a guest. 


Это видео было даже у Снуп Дога в инстаграме. Меня попросили его удалить, но теперь уже все можно #торт #свадебныйторт #weddingcake #свадьба #wedding

♬ Никогда ничего не бойтесь – Nick Dekan

In the clip, the bride and groom went to cut their cake. Then, a guest came over, ripped off pieces of cake with his bare hands and shoved it in their faces. The bride walked off, but the disgruntled guest followed her and tried to dump cake on her head. The groom then confronted the guest. 

In a longer version of the video uploaded to Instagram, the groom hit the guest, causing him to fall down. The guest got back up and tried to fight the groom but was pulled away by someone else. 

People praised the bride for keeping a cool head during an extremely tense moment. 

“She walked away so gracefully. Unscathed. Unbothered,” a user commented

“Can we talk about how elegant the bride is? Cake-dude needs to go!” another said

“This is a very horrible man, and he should be sued for the damage to the cake and taken out of the wedding reception,” a person wrote

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