Man faces backlash over ‘misguided’ response to fiancé’s wedding dress: ‘What possible good could come of [that]?’

A man doesn’t know why his fiancée is upset he didn’t like the $9,000 wedding dress she bought. 

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to see what he did wrong. His fiancée picked out a wedding dress and was excited about it. When she asked him what he thought about it, he repeatedly asked her if she wanted the truth. He then expressed his disappointment only for her to promptly leave to her parent’s house. 

“My fiancée and I are getting married in nine months,” he explained. “She found the dress she loved and bought it. She brought her dress out and asked what I thought. I specifically asked her if she wants the God’s honest truth and wants me to critique the dress or if she knows she loves it and just wants to show me. She said she wanted my opinion. She put the dress on and came out of the bathroom and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed. She’s a beautiful woman and looks incredible in anything of course, but the dress completely dwarfed her. She chose a super sparkly dress with a huge skirt, which looked nothing like the simple, body-hugging sexy dresses she had been repeatedly showing me. I just didn’t like how it looked at all.”

He was honest with her about the dress but it didn’t go over well at all. 

“I was honest when I told her I didn’t like it and I was surprised she picked it because it just doesn’t seem to match her,” he wrote. “I just thought it was too much poof and sparkle. She got really quiet and stormed back upstairs, and then stormed out of the house and went to her Mom’s. Texted me saying she couldn’t believe I would say I didn’t like it and what a d******* I am and has blocked my number. This is our first major fight and I’m just so annoyed because I asked if she wanted a real opinion and she said yes. I read my credit card statement. The dress was 9 thousand dollars. Might help explain the reaction.” 

Reddit users didn’t understand why the groom-to-be responded this way.

“What possible good could come of telling her you don’t like the dress she already bought!” someone commented

“She clearly tried on that dress and just loved it, you’re not an a******, just completely misguided!” another wrote

“Just a really, really dumb interaction,” a user said

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