Wedding guest sparks controversy with ‘inappropriate’ outfit choice: ‘You just don’t do it’

A bride is wondering if uninviting her dad’s girlfriend is a good idea. 

The woman went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to seek advice on the matter. It all started when the woman was scrolling through Instagram and saw that, prior to the ceremony, her father’s girlfriend posted her wedding outfit. The issue is it’s nearly the same color as her wedding dress. 

“I just happened to be scrolling on Instagram where I see my dad’s girlfriend had posted a picture of what she was planning to wear for the wedding,” the woman wrote. “I was livid. It’s literally an off-white silk slip dress and matching blazer. There’s no mistaking the color since she took it straight from the website itself. I showed everyone who I was with that day and they were immediately surprised. I texted my sister as well and she seemed upset.”

Later on, her dad’s girlfriend texted her. The girlfriend said that she had taken down the Instagram post to keep the dress a surprise for her father. She also mentioned that it wasn’t off-white but in fact beige. 

“I sent a message back to her saying that I am uncomfortable with her wearing a dress so similar in color to mine and have asked her not to wear it, she has not replied to me,” she explained. “What I find kind of ironic is she had previously asked if she could get a dress the same color as my bridesmaids and I had asked her to try and avoid that if possible. So it baffles me why she would think it’s okay to wear the same color as the bride?”

The bride spoke with her dad to explain the issue. 

“I called my dad once he was home and told him, I’m not okay with her wearing that dress, we’ve had to make a lot of big changes to our wedding and that is one thing I am standing firm on,” she said. “I told him I’m sorry if I put him in a tough position, but I’m putting my foot down on this. I’ve already got people saying is she shows up in it, they will turn her away on my behalf. I hate being rude and I don’t want to come across as a bridezilla or anything but I think I’m justified in the way I’m feeling?”

Reddit felt that it was inappropriate for anyone but the bride to show up in white at a wedding.

“My ex-husband’s stepmother showed up in white to our wedding. Everyone was pretty disgusted with her for it! You just don’t do it,” one user commented

“It’s inappropriate and bad form. There can’t be adult women who still don’t know this,” another said

“Everyone knows that you don’t wear white/colors close to white to a wedding when you aren’t the bride,” someone added

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