Wedding guest sparks drama after showing up to ceremony she’d been ‘uninvited’ from: ‘Ruined [my] wedding’

A woman crashed her brother’s wedding and has no regrets.

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to share why she was disinvited in the first place. Her brother was getting married to Maggie, who happens to be the Reddit poster’s ex-boyfriend’s sister. Because of this connection, Maggie didn’t want her fiancé’s sister to attend the wedding to avoid “drama” between the exes. 

“My brother married Maggie in 2019, pre-COVID-19. Maggie is my ex-boyfriend’s sister. They met as a result of ex and I being in a relationship. Ex and I dated for three years and broke up in 2018 after he cheated. He’s engaged to the other woman currently,” the user explained

But the woman never had any contact with her ex and didn’t hold a grudge against Maggie. 

“To me, she is just my brother’s partner and I always acted like a friend to her. Maggie was definitely a bridezilla,” the woman wrote. “Maggie sat me down one day and told me that she didn’t want there to be any family drama on her wedding day. She’d spoken to ex and apparently, he said he’d feel uncomfortable if he had to be around me at the wedding, especially as his fiance would be there too. […] She said she’d made the tough decision to uninvite me and she hoped I understood that it was her day and she just wanted it to be a happy one.” 

The user went to the wedding anyway and her brother was glad. There was no drama — until afterward. 

“After the day, she blew up at me for undermining her and ‘ruining her wedding’ (nothing happened, she just didn’t enjoy it because she spent it feeling angry),” the woman said

Reddit users weren’t too fond of Maggie. 

“Maggie is going to ruin your family,” one user said

“It’s super petty that she uninvited you,” another wrote

“She is very controlling,” someone commented

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