TikToker slams follower who criticized her wedding ring

A TikToker did not hold back on her response to a follower who criticized her wedding ring in a comment.

Hannah Stella (@mrshannahstella) describes herself in her social media bios as “your fave dinner party guest” and “bonne vivant” — which translates from French to mean someone who enjoys the good things in life, particularly food and drinks.

Suffice to say, her social media presence is otherwise very cheerful and filled with videos about being married to her husband and their glamorous life in New York City.

But one comment on a TikTok of Stella showing off her engagement ring — per a follower’s request — made her fume.

“I can’t get over how dumb it is that you bought a ring from Kwiat Diamonds paying retail margins when you live in NYC and have access to the [Diamond District],” the commenter wrote.

Kwiat Diamonds is a diamond jeweler founded in New York in 1907 and known for its engagement rings and vintage style of jewelry. Per its website, the cheapest engagement ring starts out at $1,400.

Stella’s particular ring is an emerald-cut solitaire natural diamond that her husband picked out for the proposal.

“I love your passion but I hate your attitude and the assumptions you’re making,” Stella said in response to the commenter’s criticism. “It’s my right to spend my money however I wish — or, my husband’s right, in this case, to spend his money however he wishes.”


Reply to @gabbysemet I am happy to have productive conversations but this isn’t that.

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Stella also added that a friend of hers is an investor at Kwiat, so her husband was able to leverage that during the purchase.

“I also went to the Diamond District and spoke to three different jewelers and got a quote for the same carat size and the same specs and every single one of them quoted me between $18,000 and $27,000 more than we paid,” Stella added.

“I understand I may spend my money in ways some of you may choose not to and that’s OK, we all have different priorities, different preferences, different financial situations,” she continued, “but it’s really not your place to tell me what to do.”

Stella’s other followers for the most part supported her response to the commenter.

“I watch you BECAUSE you spend money in ways I wouldn’t,” one person joked.

“It’s no one’s business how she and her husband decide to spend their money,” another said.

“[It’s] so tacky to obsess over and question how others spend their money,” someone agreed. “Everyone should just focus on themselves.”

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