Wedding season has TikTokers in tears with onslaught of ‘save the date’ cards: ‘WHY SO MANY’

In case you haven’t noticed, wedding season is officially upon us — and it’s here to stay until the fall. According to Brides, weddings begin to increase in the late spring, peak during months like June and September and finally begin to wane come November.

But one TikToker doesn’t really need anyone to tell them that. Instead, they can just look at the front of their fridge, which is currently covered in too many “Save the Date” cards to count.

The fridge in question belongs to a TikTok user who goes by @rashelbs_78, who is clearly getting overwhelmed by the influx of invitations they’ve been getting.

“these flights home are getting expensive,” the TikToker wrote in their post caption, as a video shows them adding yet another Save the Date magnet to their fridge.

Once they do, the invite joins at least eight or nine others, which are presumably all from friends and family who plan to get married sometime this year. A closer look also reveals that in one of these cases, the TikToker has been asked to be in the wedding as a bridesmaid.

At the same time, a sound clip called “Crybaby,” which aptly features the wails of a child, plays in the background to emphasize @rashelbs_78’s internal thoughts on the matter.

In the comments, a lot of people could relate.

“I feel this so deeply,” one person confessed.

“Legit me,” wrote another, who said they have “3 weddings this year and 5 next year.”

“I feel your pain so much,” added someone else. “Last year, we had 8 weddings to go to. All within weeks of each other. Good luck to you.”

Other commenters couldn’t believe how social this TikToker was that they’d be invited to so many weddings in the first place.

“How are y’all close with this many people,” one person asked.

“WHY SO MANY,” another person demanded to know.

“BECAUSE I AM 24 & FROM THE SOUTH,” the TikToker responded with a laugh.

But to that, at least one person told her that “Sometimes it’s easier to have no friends lol.”

Some even compared the TikToker’s upcoming year to the 2008 movie 27 Dresses, in which Katherine Heigl infamously takes part in a seemingly endless number of bridal parties.

In the end, at least a few users tried to drop some practical words of wisdom that could hopefully settle the TikToker’s anxieties.

“You don’t have to go to every acquaintances wedding,” one person assured her. “If you haven’t talked to them in a couple months just say no.”

“It’s okay to say no to some if you just can’t,” someone else told her. “Send them a gift and a personal card. If they’re really your friends, they’ll be okay.”

Considering how pricey it is just to attend a wedding these days — let alone be in one — this is probably for the best. According to The Knot, the average cost of being a wedding guest depends on a variety of factors.


Reply to @mariekrikorian weddings are expensive for erybody 💸💸💸 #weddingboom #byebyemoney #weddingtok #weddingguest #privilegecheck

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In one video shared by a wedding photographer named Lindsey (@linds.higgs) in early 2022, she tried to break down the many costs associated with being a wedding guest according to the stats available to her at the time. In the end, she had to side with a lot of people who’d been commenting on her recent videos — “Weddings are dang expensive!”

For those who attend a wedding locally and don’t require travel or lodging, they can expect to spend around $270. Out-of-town weddings, however, shoot the cost up to $660 if driving and a whopping $1,270 if flying. The website does note that this also includes the average spent on a wedding gift, which was $160 in 2022.

The sheer financial stress of it all is precisely why so many TikTokers have taken to the app to vent their frustrations with wedding season over the years.


So happy for their future marriage!!💍❤️ BUT WHY ARE WEDDINGS SO EXHAUSTING….its not even my wedding! #weddings #marriage #weddingguest #trending #fyp #nz #kiwi #maori #relationship #groomsmen #costofwedding

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In another viral clip, posted by @mere_buu, the TikToker wasn’t quite so restrained.

“Tell me why I’m spending more money on this wedding than I did for my entire f****** wedding?” she asks in the video before going off on the expectations of large weddings in general.

“So happy for their future marriage!!” @mere_buu added in her post caption. “BUT WHY ARE WEDDINGS SO EXHAUSTING….its not even my wedding!”

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