Wedding venue’s ‘funeral home’ makeover infuriates couples: ‘Please say this is a joke’

A New Jersey wedding venue upgraded its space — now brides and grooms are furious. 

The Madison Hotel posted a picture of the newly renovated event hall on Instagram. All the photo did was inspire ire. The once-golden room with ornate chandeliers was transformed into a black-walled and blue-carpeted space. The upgrades are set to debut in early 2023. 

Many couples felt like they had booked one aesthetic and were getting another. A group of nine couples even wrote a letter to The Madison Hotel demanding answers. 

“We were not afforded a phone call, e-mail, or notification of any sort about the renovations. Instead, we had to find out through social media,” the letter stated, according to

One bride lamented that she signed a $30,000 contract after touring the old version of the facility this fall. 

Others took to the comment section of the Instagram post to vent their frustrations. 

“This is extremely disappointing. NOT exciting. We booked the Ballroom for its gorgeous gold accents, more neutral tones, and loved the aesthetic when we saw it in person,” a person commented

“Please say this is a joke…no one mentioned black walls when I booked my wedding. When exactly will this be done?” someone said

“This is horrible. My wife and I chose this venue for its charm. This looks like a gothic beach house. Very unhappy with this! Our entire wedding aesthetic will be ruined,” an Instagram user said

“Looks beautiful!….. for a funeral home,” another said

“I can not comprehend how any ownership would think this is a good move or look. I feel for all the brides that are already booked. Such a drastic change,” a user wrote

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