‘Weekend blues’ TikTok series resonates with introverts, single people and anyone who feels alone sometimes

One woman’s viral TikTok series is feeling like a big warm hug to fellow introverts for capturing just how lonely and isolated it can feel when the weekend comes and you have no one to spend it with.

She calls this deep sense of sadness the “weekend blues,” and her candid admission is now causing others to open up about their own experiences with it, too.

“Weekends make me sad,” admits Devon Noehring (@devonandwillo) at the start of one clip.

Because despite being a self-described introvert who loves “being cozy at home and recharging alone,” that doesn’t mean she wants to be alone all the time.

“I am alone all the time and every once in a while I just can’t get past the feeling that I’m missing out on something or I’m doing this whole life thing wrong,” she continues.


Weekend blues series continues and today I’m thinking about how I can change the narrative in my head that says being alone on the weekends is something to be embarrassed about #weekendblues #introvert #stayhome #livingalone #alone

♬ Amsterdam – Gregory Alan Isakov

Sometimes, the sudden pangs of loneliness come when she’s watching TV shows like Friends, and the “constant togetherness” she sees on screen makes her envious. Other times, when the weekend comes and she doesn’t have a single plan, she gets really in her head about it.

So this year, she decided to do something about it.

“I’ve been learning to get out and do things by myself,” Noehring tells viewers, explaining that she’s gone everywhere from movies to bookstores to restaurants by herself.

That’s not to say she feels totally comfortable with it, though — sometimes, these experiences just remind her that they would be a lot more fun if another person were with her. But she’s not letting that discourage her.

“I keep moving forward, I keep learning to love my own company and get out of my comfort zone,” Noehring concludes. “Because as I grow, I know I’ll find the right people and my life will get fuller.”

The emotional video is just one part of an ongoing series that’s been taking off lately about the so-called “weekend blues.” Noehring has also chronicled her many attempts to challenge her social anxiety and try new things.

In response, she’s been getting praise from people in all sorts of similar situations — those who also define themselves as introverts, people who suffer from social anxiety, people who are single or newly out of relationships or even those who’ve just moved to a new city and know absolutely no one in the area.

Either way, making new friends as an adult is daunting, and having the courage to go out and do things alone is sometimes even more daunting.


Saturday in my life- I always think I’m unproductive but when i edit these im like “oh damn i did a lot!” 😂 #introvert #livingalone #weekendsalone

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As the months roll by, Noehring’s videos have found their way to thousands of viewers — many of whom have thanked her for sharing her experience, which looks exactly like theirs.

“Your videos are so comforting!” one person thanked Noehring in the comments. “As a fellow introvert with social anxiety, you make me feel like I’m not alone!”

“I thought I was the only one feeling like this or it wasn’t a real feeling,” said someone else. “Now I know I’m not alone !”

“This is so real and honest,” another person added. “I think we’re so busy during the week that when the weekend rolls around, we’re left alone with our thoughts.”

Others have said Noehring’s videos have inspired them to get out and do more, even if it’s on their own.

“seeing you do things alone had given me hope that i can as well!” one person told her.

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